Preview: Frontera, Festival Latinoamericano de Artes y Música – Studio338 (London, 28th May 2016)


For the very first time and created three years ago in Santiago de Chile, the Frontera Festival arrives to London with its Latin American soul. The success and inclusiveness of the Festival will allow Londoners to listen a diversity of Latin American artists and styles. Since the first edition of the Festival it has started an international expansion and an increasing audience. Milestone artists have celebrated their careers in the Festival. For the 2016 London edition, the Frontera Festival will gather a wide and representative selection of Iberian American artists.

With a successful career of two decades, the Puerto Rican reggae band Cultura Profética will be present with its particular style, difficult to define, but certainly energetic, shining, and influenced with the flavour of the funk, jazz, hip-hop, electronic, ska, trova, and African and Caribbean music. 

Frisky songs and captivating lyrics have made of Miranda! a booming band. Defined itself as a “group of melodramatic Argentine electro pop”, they are famous their shows, style and look, and a feel-good upbeat music which fits wholly for those who like clubbing. The Brazilian rock band Os Mutantes grasps London once more with its long artistic experience. Its psychedelic style creates a vibrant and sweeping experience with the use coupling, distortion and other effects.

The Chilean singer and song-writer Daniel Riveros, better known as Gepe, will show his personal blend and nifty style created from the combination of reggaeton, pop, folk, and Andean music. With vibrant hints of both indie pop and indie electronica, Gepe’s music adds an exciting contrast to the Festival. A stirring journey from Cantabria to London, with 10-albums on the back, brings the Spanish rock band La Fuga. This band’s success will be shared along the multicultural indie-folk presence of Jenny and the Mexicats. The catchy music style of these multi-nationality musicians will make enjoy breaths of reggae, ska, flamenco, jazz and cumbia.

Located in the Greenwich Peninsula, Studio388 gives an astonishing experience in a classy place. The combination of an underground industrial venue and a brightly coloured vibe is the perfect destination for Londoner hoofers. Its lovely and totally covered large terrace and an alluring interior of the club is an unsurpassed venue for artists and the audience to enjoy an international festival. The inter/national experience of each of the music stars in an unmissable venue promises an unforgettable event.

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