Preview: Gabriel O Pensador @ The Jazz Cafe (London; Wednesday 8th August 2018)  


Gabriel Contino has never been an ordinary musician. Since 1992, when he first wore the cape of Gabriel O Pensador, he became one of the most outspoken and influential MCs on the Brazilian hip-hop scene.

He never spared a rhyme, fighting life’s injustices hard every day as well as bashing targets from Fernando Collor de Mello to Michel Temer.

Since his debut, he has changed the Brazilian hip-hop language, pumping his socially driven vibes both on moradores and middle-class speakers. He has never stopped making an impact on and raising awareness in his listeners.

That’s why attending his shows is an eye-opening experience, and even here in London they inevitably end up sold out; sold out was his gig last year at the Garage and, arguably, sold out will his upcoming show at the Jazz Cafe be, where Gabriel O Pensador will perform on the 8th of August.

Don’t miss the chance to hear one of the loudest and sharpest Brazilian voices and what it has to say.

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