Preview: Gaia Mobilij + Giuliano Osella & Quimbara @ Hootananny (London; Sunday 22nd March 2020)

gaia+quimbara hoots

On the 22nd of March we will sail off to the Mediterranean and far beyond, with Gaia Mobilij, Giuliano Osella and Quimbara.

Gaia Mobilij is a musician born and bred in Italy. However, thanks to her perpetual wandering around the world, she explores the sounds of far away cultures including the Romanian Gypsies, Mexican and Colombian traditions, and Hindustani classical music from India.

Her show is based on her original compositions, which are energetic and explosive cocktails of all her musical influences. On stage, she employs a loop station, synths and electronic elements and is supported by her fellow countryman Giuliano Osella. Giuliano, who started playing the drum when he was 6, brings to the show groovy beats, heavy samples, live dub FXs and unpredictable sounds…all spicily seasoned with a touch of Italian weirdness!

To open the show, Quimbara, a recently formed London-based band with musicians from the UK, Peru, Colombia, US and Italy, will be playing their very own interpretation of salsa with cumbia, jazz, and afrobeat flavours.

Jamming with Cleyder!

Hey this is our last jamming session yesterday with Cleyder our new Timbalero, we are very excited to have him and it sounded great!! it was a reduced set (no horns) so we had to sing the lines 8) just imagine with our 3 horns!!

Posted by Quimbara on Sunday, 23 February 2020

It might be a Sunday night, but there’s no reason to not to live it up!



Doors Open at 9PM

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