Preview: Hejira + Susso @ Rich Mix (London, 24th November 2017)  


 Two intriguing new realities enriching the London’s music scene will please the Rich Mix audience on the 24th of NovemberHejira and Susso will stage an exciting double-bill bringing to Shoreditch their musical interpretation of East and West African tradition.

After a journey to Ethiopia, South-East Londoners Hejira fell in love with the ethio-sound, so much so that they carried it back to London and mixed it with the local urban soundscape, creating something unique and needs to be experienced live.

Susso, on his part, has been captivated by the Mandinka tradition. Huw Bennet, the founder of the project, had his “musical epiphany” in Gambia. He welcomed West African griot tradition to his music and empowered the outcome with electronica and jazz.

Don’t miss the opportunity to admire, and experience the new, and most recent directions undertaken by the London music scene.

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