Preview: International Caravan (London, 13th June 2015)


The time of Gypsies is back!

In less than two weeks Rich Mix London will host one of the most colourful, bustling and effervescent events of the year, opening its doors to a musical caravan that will let your feet move and legs shake all night long.

The International Caravan, curated by members of the London’s Roma Gypsy community and supported by Global Local, Arts Council England and Best Foot Music will be a one of a kind event for the UK audience. For the first time in London the distinctiveness and heterogeneity of Roma music and dance will be displayed in all its lively glory.

A pack of remarkable artists and musicians will be represented to showcase the most authentic and contemporary sounds of Eastern European and Gipsy culture to the Shoreditch venue’s audience. Captained by the Polish Gypsy masters Don Vasyl and Bogdan Trojanek & Terne Roma, there’ll be a troupe of young and magnetic talents from all over Eastern Europe, from Slovakia to Russia.

In addition, to translate everything into English there’ll be exponents of the London Gipsy artistic community like Gypsy Stars who will jump on stage with their homemade Roma melodies and dance moves.

Finally, to keep up the tempo between the acts DJ Chris Tofu and his timeless blend of 1920s-1950s tunes, electro-swing and music oddities will entertain.

So let the caravan roll on and latcho drom!

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