Preview: Irreversible Entanglements @ Corsica Studios (London; Tuesday 10 March 2020)

irreversible entanglements corsica

Be prepared to be moved emotionally and physically by this fast tempo, politicised and poetic jazz in a small venue in South London.

Sweeping the world of jazz over the last couple of years, International Anthem has put out album after album of powerful and passionate Chicago jazz. The iconic black and white sleeves can now be found all over mine and many others record shelves, a huge change from a few years ago when it was scattered with the odd Makaya McCraven record. Now when an artist is released on International Anthem, you have to take notice.

Irreversible Entanglements are that new group that make you sit up and take notice. Lead by poet, experimenter and performer Moor Mother after a very successful year, the band have formed a powerful combination. Irreversible Entanglements take the poets experimental and politicised lyrics and back them to a fast paced, rhythmic and free jazz soundtrack.The music is high energy and meaningful, adding another progressive jazz artist to the IA collection.

Originally due to take place at Earth, the show has now been moved to Corsica Studio’s, a much more intimate and immersive venue. Although more suitable to some of Moor Mothers solo and darker work, it will allow for a hypnotising experience, the audience being mesmerised by the steady and determined lyrics of Moor Mother while enveloped by the trumpets, saxophone and bass of the band, seemingly almost struggling to keep up with the quick rhythm of drummer Tcheser Holmes.

It is likely this band will go on to big and better things, so make sure you come and see them in a cosy and personal venue while you can.

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