Preview: Jally Kebba Susso – Banjul-London Album Launch Party @ Rich Mix (London, 24th February 2017)


Not your usual kora player and not even your usual griot is perhaps the best way to introduce Jally Kebba Susso in a few words. Yes, he comes from a griot family and plays the kora, but his artistry gives these characteristics a distinctive twist.

If you attend his gig on 24th February at Rich Mix, you’ll experience more than just a twist. Because Jally is an urban, well-travelled and eclectic kora player. He has welcomed and accommodated in his sound all the things that have influenced his career, which began when he was 13. So you’ll have plenty of jazz, blues, soul and Afro-funk, but also an attentive tribute to the Mandinka tradition.

You’ll be also introduced to Jally’s new work titled Banjul-London, written and recorded with the help of his band Manding Sabu over the last three years and mirroring his intriguing artistic path.

With the support of Nelson & Friends and Volta 45 + Open the Gate DJ sets, Jally Kebba Susso will give life to a music narration accompanying you from Banjul in Gambia to London’s East-End. You’ll be guided by sounds, rhythms, dances and stories written, sung and played by a one-of-a-kind “London-griot”.

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