Preview: Jenny & the Mexicats @ The Forge (London, 11th February 2017)


As a matter of fact, Jenny Ball comes from London but lost any British characteristics years ago, when she embraced her own hearty Spanish hearty, energetic Latin approach to music and an all-inclusive perspective of life.

On Saturday, she’s back in her hometown, on the Forge stage, to perform with her high-spirited and light-hearted Madrid-based project Jenny and the Mexicats.

Jenny and the Mexican gatos (nickname indicating people from Madrid) will fill the Camden venue with a mix of Latin rhythms and vintage yankee sounds. You’ll dance, no doubt about that, but you’ll also help the quartet to throw away any fixed plan of action.

Rockabilly, folk, cumbia, flamenco, reggae, son and country, styles embodying the musical credo of the band, also come together, blending themselves to create a new and exciting brew.

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