Preview: Junun ft. Shye Ben Tzur + Jonny Greenwood + The Rajasthan Express @ Barbican (London, 11th March 2016)


When guitarist Jonny Greenwood and producer Nigel Godrich felt the need to move on from Radiohead, they took a look East at Rajasthan a region rich in history and explored an entire new range of sounds.

Two years ago, the two musicians joined forces to give life to a side-project which also gathered together the Israeli-American singer and composer Shye Ben Tzur and North-Indian qawwali ensemble the Rajasthan Express. The outcome of that collective creative process was Junun (translated “the madness of love”), which is an album but also a documentary directed by Paul Thomas Anderson recorded in the historical 15th century Rajasthan fort of Mehrangarh.

In few weeks’ time, the London audience will enjoy Junun in its entirety and directly experience how East can successfully meet Middle-East and West. In fact, on the 11th of March, Barbican will host and display, for the first time in the UK, a full rendition of Junun. The 12-piece ensemble will harmonise traditional Sufi-inspired chants, some of the most refined British electronica and ornate orchestral South Asian arrangements to give life to a spiritual and surely enriching music experience.

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