Preview: Kel Assouf @ Jazzlive at The Crypt (London; Saturday 28th September 2019)

kel assouf jazzlive

Londoners don’t usually have the pleasure of being blown away by some intense and stormy Saharan rock, but when they do, it’s often thanks to Kel Assouf, one of the most active names spreading the Tuareg music all over the world.

The trio, led by Nigerian Aboubacar “Anana” Harouna, has brought the sound of the desert to Europe, to Belgium to be more precise. It has refined it with urban arrangements but is still able to unleash its most deep-rooted instincts.

On the last Saturday of the month, Anana together with Sofyann Ben Youssef and Olivier Penu will musically set the Crypt of St. Giles Church in Camberwell on fire and hit the calendar with their bright guitar sound at the 17th London African Music Festival.

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