Preview: La Pegatina @ Scala (London, 10th June 2017)


Even though places like El Raval, las Ramblas and El Barrí Gotic are far away, for one night it will feel like being in (and partying in) beautiful Barcelona. La Pegatina’s rhythmic drive is quintessentially and energetically Catalonian and since 2003, they’ve brought it along to everywhere they play.

On the 10th of June, they will seize London and Scala with their rumba catalana red-blooded and grooving sound, inspired by influences from all over the Mediterranean and Latin America.

They’re worthy heirs of artists like Manu Chao, Sergent Garcia, Macaco and Che Sudaka, so you won’t need to ask them twice to put you firmly in the mood to dance and have fun, amidst a unique atmosphere of Catalan good vibes and feel-good sounds.

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