Preview: Le Trio Joubran @ Union Chapel (London; Monday 2nd March 2020)

trio joubran union chapel

The stunning church setting of Union Chapel will make a perfect home for the emotive, nostalgic and powerful performance from the old trio that is Le Trio Joubran.

We’ve a trio of ouds, as well as a trio of brothers in this band of Palestinians. In this intimate special concert, they will perform music from their latest album The Long March which also featured a short documentary with its release. The title of the album is after a poem written by Mahmoud Darwish, a Palestinian poet whose memory is so found, and is said to represent the strife of the Palestinians. The original is a haunting and emotional sentiment, whilst Le Trio Joubran have breathed melodic life into the meaning.

The opportunity to see this music performed on the traditional Arabic lutes called ouds by some revered musicians, will be certainly unmissable.

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