Preview: Louis Moholo-Moholo’s Six Blokes @ Church of Sound (London; Sunday 1st Sep 2019)

Louis Moholo Moholo

In Moholo-Moholo’s words, his body lives in London but his mind in South Africa. The outstanding bandleader and jazz drummer first made a name for himself in the Sixties as part of the legendary Blue Notes. On the first Sunday of September he will be joined by his Six Blokes at Clapton’s Church of Sound. The lineup will feature original Blue Notes members Steve Williamson and Jason Yarde both playing saxophone as well as John Edwards on bass, Alexander Hawkins on piano and Byron Wallen on trumpet.

Moholo-Moholo was cutting his teeth in Cape Town during a time when black and white performers weren’t allowed on stage together and this segregation caused the band to move out of South Africa and exile to London in 1964. In his new city Moholo-Moholo played at all the South African functions, bringing a little taste of home to all that were forced away from home. He became known for not only his insane talent but his ability to invoke intense emotions, from ecstasy to awe. Over the years he has since led world renowned groups such as the Brotherhood of Breath and Blue Notes from behind the kit.

Known for his electrifying shows, join Moholo-Moholo as he takes you on a journey through his heart’s home and let Church of Sound show you why they are often one of the hottest jazz events in town.

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