Preview: Mala @ Phonox (London, 13th January 2017)


Known for his marriage of indigenous sounds with South London bass-heavy electronics, Mala is a producer and DJ considered one of the modern pioneers of dubstep and London’s electronic music scene.  He will be bringing his minimal sound to the Phonox club in Brixton on the 13th of January as he DJs alongside guests still to be announced.

In 2016, Mala most recently worked with Gilles Peterson’s label Brownswood to release Mirrors, an album dedicated to discovering the roots of Peruvian music. Incorporating traditional sounds, such as percussion made from the jaw bone of a donkey to the delicate chorus of an orchestra of pan pipes, it combines the most honest of human and electronic performance.

For electronic world music lovers and admirers of Mala’s DMZ and Deep Medi Musik, this is a club night guaranteed to take you all over the world to some of the most delightful ear-opening corners whilst staying right at home in the beating heart of South London.

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