Preview: Malphino @ Pizza Express Live Holborn (London; Wednesday 2nd October 2019)

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You are all invited to join us for a one-way trip to Malphino Republic, the tropical music land where grooves are luscious and vibes heart-warming.

Dance shoes on your feet, appetite for quality notes strongly encouraged, and desire to spend a fun-filled evening more than welcomed; we will take care of the rest by hosting on stage a unique band.

Malphino are indeed a one-of-a-kind ensemble, embracing the Latin tradition, as well as the South-East Asian one, and welcoming on board Colombian cumbia and Peruvian chicha. Malphino are multiculturalism in its purest form and musicianship at its best!

On the 2nd of October, book a seat on the Pizza Express direct flight to Malphino island, bag your Rhythm Passport, and get ready to sunbathe in warm and uplifting sounds.


Tickets available HERE

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