Preview: Mamak Khadem, Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra & Olcay Bayir @ The Forge (London, 28th February 2017)


Forget about Goran Bregovic and The Wedding & Funeral Band, Boban and Marko Markovic Orkestar, Kočani Orkestar and so on…there are some new Balkan brass stars in town!

2011’s winner of the “Grammy” for Balkan brass bands; the Serbian Guča Brass Festival, Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra is one of the freshest and hottest new names when it comes to Gypsy bands. The band leader, Dzambo Agusevi, comes from a renowned family of trumpeters and has skilfully crafted his project in the typical Turkish-Roma tradition.

Brass Like It Hot is not only the title of the Orchestra’s latest album, but also a declaration of intent. When on stage, Dzambo Agusevi and his musicians are a force of nature and their energy is irrepressible. Don’t say that we didn’t warn you if, at The Forge on Tuesday, you’ll be blown away by their sound.

They’ll share the stage with two charismatic and expressive interpreters of the Iranian and Turkish-Kurdish tradition: Mamak Khadem and Olcay Bayir.

You’ll be seduced by their voices and simply will not be able to resist following them on their fascinating journey towards the Eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea and beyond.

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