Preview: MANANA Festival @ Santiago de Cuba (Cuba, 4-6 May 2016)


The new Cuban dawn is also lighting up and enlivening the country’s outstanding music scene.

An example of this trend is a new festival which will inspirit Santiago de Cuba’s days (and nights) throughout the first weekend of May.

From next spring, Manana Festival will indeed bring together two of the most valued aspects of the Caribbean island culture: its African roots and up-and-coming electronic scene also paying homage to the community spirit which still animate the country.

With the Cuban Government and Culture Department blessing, the Heredia Complex will host for three days a combination between time-honoured Cuban music legends (like the percussion master Million Galis, Caribbean dance authorities Compañía Ballet Folclórico de Oriente and the guaguancó sensations Obba Tuke) and cutting-edge and innovative talents (like dubstep wizard Mala and unconventional Afro-Caribbean electro act  Ìfé).

The Hydra, No-Nation and Sofrito are some of the most important names which have already decided to help MANANA’s cause, but you can also give a hand contributing to their just inaugurated kickstarter campaign.

Cuba has done so much for our ears until now; it’s time to present to the island a token of gratitude.

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