Preview: Mbongwana Star @ Oval Space (London, 1st November 2015)


If today we can talk about a Kinshasa sound and the Congolese capital is a driving force of the world music scene, a huge amount of merit goes to Coco (Ngambali) and Theo (Nsituvuidi).

The two musicians, whom started playing together more than fifteen years ago in Staff Benda Bilili, are still travel companions and next week will land in London to perform with their new project Mbongwana Star on the Oval Space stage.

The sounds coming from the streets of their hometown are once again the main features of Coco and Theo’s music.

But if soukous, rumba, afrofunk and afrobeat were the most recognizable characters of their former project, the musicians have broaden their artistic horizons with Mbongwana Star embodying the new waves shaking Kinshasa.

Their 7-piece-band is indeed a groovy summa of everything that is musically going on in the city clubs and venues, from punk to electronic, to which they’ve added a visionary but rustic attitude.

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