Preview: Meet & Greet with the Album / Vula Viel – Do Not Be Afraid @ Grow Hackney (London; Sunday 10th March 2019)

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Here at Rhythm Passport we are always looking for new ways to support and spread the word about quality and meaningful music and give you chance to listen to it. So, we are more than excited to invite you to the first episode of Meet & Greet with the Album, our brand-new music series in collaboration with Grow Hackney.

On Sunday 11th March, you are all welcome to spend an evening on the River Lee shore in the company of Do Not Be Afraid and its mastermind Bex Burch, bandleader of Vula Viel.

Throughout two hours (between 7.30PM and 9.30PM), you will enjoy a listening session of the latest LP of the London-based trio, guided by Bex’s words as she discloses the inspiration, themes and secrets of the album, culminating with a Q&A with the musician. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover some “new classics”, starting with the finely chiselled and eclectic second work of Vula Viel, which ranges from traditional Northern Ghanaian rhythms to jazzy arrangements, and a minimalist and avant-garde approach to influences embracing the entire world. 

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