Preview: Melodic Circles – Mehdi & Adib Rostami @ Kings Place (London; Saturday 6th July 2019)


Music might not be the most momentous topic when referring to Iran, but it’s in our nature to give a musical perspective to things, so that’s why we can’t help but recommend you experience what will be happening on Kings Place’s stage on Saturday 6th July.

Cousins Mehdi (who plays the setār) and Adib Rostami (tombak) are two enlightened interpreters of Persian and Kurdish classical music, to which they add a contemporary and urban touch. Despite currently enriching the London music scene, their inspiration is firmly rooted in their Iranian background, and if you have had the pleasure of listening to the cousins’ debut album Melodic Circle, you couldn’t miss their tradition-drenched melodic flights of fancy.

Improvisation is indeed the key with which the musicians re-work their musical roots, reinterpreting the century-old radif repertoire, and you will have plenty of it on the first Saturday of July when Mehdi and Adib Rostami will enchant the Kings Place audience with their “concentric” melodies, fulfilling themselves in each other’s.

To make things even more sweet-sounding, enter the code ROSTAMI20 when buying your ticket, and you’ll enjoy a 20% discount.

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