Preview: Metá Metá @ Battersea Arts Centre (London, 13th September 2016)


Borderless, as its name suggests, is a music festival aimed at broadening people’s cultural horizons at Battersea Arts Centre, with fine and captivating acts from all over the world. They will hit the stage on 13th September, serving as one of the most fitting embodiments of Borderless’ aspirations.

As a matter of fact, Metá Metá is the perfect balance between fine and captivating. The trio (quartet when needed) from Sao Paulo, which have recently released their third album, MM3, represents an original and sophisticated way to present Brazilian music. They explore the West and Central African roots of the South American country’s culture and blend them with jazz, funk and even punk. Finally, they muddle the outcome with improvisation, change of tempo and pace, and unpredictable arrangements, always displaying a conscious attitude to sensitive social issues.

Are you ready for the unexpected?

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