Preview: Minyo Crusaders @ The Jazz Cafe (London; Monday 11th November 2019)

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When opposites attract. Take possibly the most traditional expression of Japanese folk music (min’yō), blend it with worlds apart styles like reggae, cumbia and afrobeat, add tons of groove, and you’ll have one of the most exciting bands around, Minyo Crusaders.

The Tokyo-based ensemble is a joy-to-the-ear music miracle. Back in 2012, they started researching and re-working their century-old folk music tradition using Latin, Afro-Caribbean and West African keys. As a “plan of attack”, they went fully upbeat, so much so that their debut album is one of the most danceable and enjoyable releases of the year.

It goes without saying that we warmly recommend you catch them live at the Jazz Cafe in London in only a few days’ time, and you will discover the tropical side of Japan.

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