Preview: MONO with The Platinum Anniversary Orchestra + Alcest – Celebrating 20 Years of MONO @ Barbican Centre (London; Saturday 14th December 2019)

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It has been twenty years since MONO began exploring the sonic world. An ethereal sound that is genre-less, it can only be described by the emotions a listener feels when hit by their gradual wall of sound. On 14th December, MONO will grace the stage of the Barbican, in order to celebrate the momentous occasion of two decades since they started playing together.

Listening to MONO is the equivalent of being showered in a post-rock gong path. The brain and heart align to put you into a trance, taking in the oxymoron that is delicacy and power. With this in mind, MONO will be accompanied by The Platinum Anniversary Orchestra and Alcest.

Join me on 14th December at the only venue that would do their performance justice, The Barbican. On the day before their performance, MONO have also curated an event on Friday 13th December that is going to host Boris and envy co-headlining Oval Space with support from Arabrot and Svalbard.

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