Preview: Mungo’s Hi-Fi @ Phonox (London; Wednesday 4th March 2020)

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Since 2000, Mungo Hi-Fi has been redefining the concept of soundsystem by bringing it back to basics using techniques such as  mixing, blending, stretching and manipulating the canonical dub, dancehall and reggae vibes with global influences.

Throughout the 20 years of its uptempo career, the Glaswegian crew has taken its sounds all over the UK and further afield, filling and igniting dancefloors from Scotland to  London, Europe, the US and as far afield as New Zealand, leading to millions of arms swinging, knees bouncing and feet tapping.

Their upcoming show at Phonox on Thursday the 4th of March, will be opportunity to see the upbeat champions at work, and you will inevitably end up skanking all night long.

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