Preview: Music Across Italy Weekender (Saturday Line-Up)

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Have a weekend in Italy on us! Take Saturday and Sunday off, join us on Facebook and discover the new sounds coming from the Italian music scene.

From 10AM on Saturday 30th of May till 11PM on Sunday the 31st (British Summer Time), in partnership with Turin-based eclectic label Salgari Records, we will take you on an all-inclusive live streaming Grand Tour through the Italian Peninsula to savour cutting-edge and far-reaching grooves and vibes.

On Saturday, we will be showcasing a panoramic view over the different styles and approaches that are establishing a new sound across the Boot, showing that a new “music world” is possible.

Fab Mayday and Orchestra Moderna, also known as Deejays for Breakfast, will welcome you at 10AM with their “breakfast club”.

Since 2018, when they started their morning sets at Umbria Jazz, they kept on spreading their love for good music from all over the world and vinyl.

After the lunch break, we will come back at 3PM with a talk (brush up your Italian) shining a light on the state of affairs of the Italian “global” music scene.

Hosted by Damir Ivic (Soundwall), one of the most insightful “verbal portraitists” of the Italian music panorama, the talk will be enriched by the experience and know-how of some of the protagonists of the scene like musician, DJ, label manager and radio-host Raffaele Costantino (DJ Khalab, Hyperjazz, Musicalbox); DJs and event promoters Alessandro Gambo (TUM, Jazz Is Dead, Varvara) and Andrea Cota (Mondocane, Cometes, Jungla East, Veeblefetzer); events and festival organisers Denis Longhi (Jazz:Re:Found, Happy Few) and Alessandro Battaglini (Seeyousound); music promoter and booking agent Magali Berardo (Musicalista); musicians and DJs Andrea Mangia (Populous), Giulietta Passera (Uhuru Republic) and Giulio Fonseca (Go Dugong, Balera Favela); musician Umut Adan, venue manager, radio host and Rhythm Passport family member Stefania Vulpi (Imbarchino del Valentino, Radio Banda Larga) and musician and label honcho next to Music Across Italy co-organiser Davide Vizio (Salgari Records, Nina Simmons, Pietra Tonale).

Then from 4.30PM till late, it will be about music in rhythms and notes once again. 

Starting with a DJ-set by Andrea Cota, also known as Cometes and his “deep tropical dancehall from outer space”. With 20 years of musical experience, Andrea has built a name for himself in the Rome and Italian music scene at large, spreading far-reaching and eclectic vibes from Afrotuturism to tropical bass, setting in motion solo or shared projects like Mondo Cane, Jungla East and Veeblefetzer, each one with a dancy common denominator.

The musician will be followed by Technoir and their atmospheric trip-hop and nu-soul. The Milan-based duo, formed by singer/songwriter Jennifer Villa and guitarist/producer Alexandros Finizio, was launched back in 2012 and since then they have continually refined their sound, enhancing it with Alexandros’ “glitchy electronic beats, acoustic and electric guitar’s lines” and Jennifer’s soulful voice.

Between 6PM and 7PM, we will keep going with the dreamy atmosphere with a set by Rokeya. The London-born but Ancona-based musician (who has also Welsh and Indian origins) will take you on a cosmic journey through psychedelic and ancestral sounds, showcasing her all-around music influences.

At 7PM, we will be exploring the Latin-side of Italy with Viva Viva Malagiunta and Cacao Mental. The two bands will let you dance with their very own take on traditional cumbia, reinterpreting it with psychedelic tricks, electro-beats and burning rhythms.

To keep the party going, we will host the sets of two world sounds and vinyl lovers. From Bologna, directly from the Granata cultural centre’s decks, Guenda O’C will spread some quality “vintagy” vibes with her selection. While our good friend Lou Pino will be back spinning his Grand Parade‘s turntables, always seeking for the missing link between Tropical and Calabrian sounds.

The first day of the Music Across Italy Weekender will close with a nocturnal (both in time and mood) set by Ant aka A-Tweed, who will wrap up Saturday night from the global beats’ depths. The DJ will reveal his 360-degree music perspective, letting your mind travel with Afro-Futurism, global bass, tropical house, cumbia, downbeats and vibes from all over the world.

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