Preview: Nabihah Iqbal @ Archspace (London; Thursday 22nd February 2018)

Nabihah Iqbal

The artist formerly known as Throwing Shade, Nabihah Iqbal has dropped her old moniker and embraced her real name to present to the world her debut album, Weighing Of The Heart, released last December on Ninja Tune. Two months later, she is finally performing it live at Archspace in Haggerston.

Compared to her previous EPs, the guitar takes centre-stage on her debut album, and Nabihah also sings for the first time. It is a brand-new form of live performance by the musician, also known for her well-crafted DJ sets and radio shows on NTS.

Support comes from poets and spoken-word artists Haseeb Iqbal and Sana A. Rashid, as well as Radar Radio resident DJ and musician Lyle.

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