Preview: Nicola Cruz @ EartH (London; Saturday 22nd June 2019)


This will only be the second time that Nicola Cruz, one of the most sought-after musicians, DJs and producers of the new Latin American music scene, will visit London and delight his many fans in the British capital.

He debuted exactly a year ago at Village Underground after a long, long wait, during which he treated electro, folk, Latin and dance music enthusiasts to his albums, tracks, remixes, collaborations… Everything helped to create a sort of devotion to the Ecuadorian artist, so much so that the show inevitably sold out. And it will no doubt be the same in a few days’ time, when he will play at EartH, presenting his latest release for ZZK Records titled Siku, characterised by a dreamy blend between Andean Step, South American folklore and sounds from South Asia.

He will be supported by Australian psychedelic electro-pop musician Dreems, and no doubt you will stargaze under the Hackney venue’s roof, dancing the show away.

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