Preview: Nomad Collective @ Barfly (London, 5th December 2015

Nomad Collective

Pardon the poor aesthetic sense of the comparison, but Nomad Collective’s performances are like eels: they quickly and smoothly curl themselves around you, and after a while they give you a fateful musical shock which makes you unable to walk away.

And what’s “worst” is that there’s nothing you can do to avoid it…

Despite the fact that the septet is quite fresh on the U.K. music scene, it has already proved to be far from being musically ill-equipped and amateurish. In the last few years they have built a distinctive and recognisible sound, which can be simply described as electrifying.

Once on stage, the band is a whirling rhythmic vortex. Thanks to the tenacious percussions, emphatic brass section and addictive melodies, Nomad Collective have proved to be one of the most interesting addition to the London music scene

They will show and play it once again in Camden, on the Barfly‘s stage, on the 5th of December, when they’ll bring their distinctive mix between Cuban beats, free-jazz improvisations, funk energy and afrobeat allusions.

Are you ready to be shocked?

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