Preview: Nomade Orquestra – UK Tour (Whitstable, Bristol & London – 28th to 30th October 2016)


There’s something in the water of Sao Paulo that seems to transform every local band into the global ‘next big thing’. It’s a phenomenon that has happened a lot lately, with bands such as Metá Metá, Bixiga 70 and now it’s the turn of Nomade Orquestra. The Brazilian 10-piece band, which formed in 2012, has been totally affected by the paulista sound bug, and they’re now ready to spread it wonderfully, across the UK and the rest of the world.

Whitstable (The Duke of Cumberland), Bristol (The Lantern) and London (Ronnie Scott’s) are the next landing places of this talented group of musicians, where they’ll play three gigs in four days before the end of this week. Don’t miss this rare chance to be exposed to their infectious, Afro-Brazilian, jazzy, psychedelic, funky ensemble vibe, and immerse yourself in the Brazilian tradition that flows from their stage. These guys know how to strike, thrill and blow you away thanks to their cohesive, unique sound and instinctive talent.

So, don’t bother with a visit to your doctor, you won’t need a jab, and you can leave the medicine in your cabinet. Let yourself catch the Brazilian bug that is Nomade Orquestra: it’s the only bug you’ll be happy to catch.

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