Preview: Nyege Nyege Festival (Jinja – Uganda, 2nd to 4th September 2016)


Nyege Nyege Festival is a new way of experiencing and living African music, a 72-hour celebration of new sound sounds coming from all over the Continent which will take place in Uganda during the first weekend of September.

The event, which is only in his second edition, has already created hype all over the world thanks to its forward-looking cultural perspective, exceptional location and superb line-up. Right on the source of the river Nile – more precisely on the sand of the Nile Discovery Resort beach in Jinja – Nyege Nyege will gather together more than 50 international acts.

There will be DJs from China (DJ Zhao) and Argentina (Intiche) and musicians from Czech Republic (Please the Trees) and the U.S. (Pterradacto). However, Africa (West, East, North, South and Central) will be the centre of attention. Local styles like benga, zouk, highlife and décalé will shed their skin mixing with electronica, urban beats and dancehall. Then there will be also space for reggae, dub, hip hop and Tuareg music. Throughout the 3-day music celebration, you’ll have the chance to enjoy shows like the ones of the local pioneer DJ Rachel, groovy Mozambique duo Gato Preto, Nigerien legendary keyboard player Maman Sani, Burkinabe rapper Joey Le Soldat, Indian Vik Sohonie (founder of Ostinato Records) and his eclectic taste, traditional Ugandan ensemble West Nile Fusion Band and the refined artistry of Kenyan Jinku.

Nyege Nyege is a different way to present, express and expose African culture. As its Luganda name suggests, it’s an irresistible desire to move, shake and dance. You will do all that and even more if you’re ready to travel to the source of the Nile at the beginning of September.

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