Preview: Omara Portuondo & Diego el Cigala – 85 Tour @ Barbican (London, 21st July 2016)


The long international careers of Omara Portuondo and Diego ‘el Cigala are held together once more through the ‘85 Tour’. A total of 12 concerts throughout Europe’s most important cities have been set up to celebrate Portuondo’s 85th birthday and a 70-year musical career.

The seventh concert at the Barbican Centre in London will feature their best and classical songs, such as “Dos Gardenias”, “Lágrimas Negras”, “Como Yo Te Quiero”, “Siboney”, “Si Te Contara”. The fusion of the exquisite and prodigious voice of El Cigala and the gentleness and passion of the ‘Queen of Feeling’ create a unique and attractive Cuban-Flamenco musical style.

Portuondo and El Cigala are synonyms with quality and enjoyment. In fact, since La Habana, Cuba, their natural gift made a 2-hour rehearsal enough to understand each other. Accompanied by a pianist, bass-player and drummer, these ‘twin souls’ as Omara puts it share an admiration, respect and love for each other. The easiness to absorb any musical style and rhythm and link melodies and harmonies is only possible when music lives inside great artists, such as the ‘Diva of Son’ and El Cigala’s extraordinary Flamenco voice.

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