Preview: Orkesta Mendoza, Wahaca Day of the Dead Festival @ The Vaults (London, 4th November 2016)


Orkesta Mendoza is led by Sergio Mendoza, the multi talented, long time member and co-producer of the South-western musical phenomenon Calexico. Those in the know will already be aware of Orkesta Mendoza’s ability to fashion a borderless sound that crosses the Americas while laying down simmering slabs of folkloric cumbia and mambo, all with a tex-mex psychedelic edge.

Orkesta Mendoza bring their latest album Vamos a Guarachar (released by Glitterbeat less than a month ago) all the way from Tucson Arizona via the dusty deserts of Mexico to the Vaults in central London as part of the Wahaca Day of The Dead Fiesta. Get ready for a hip swivelling, psychedelic, and horn fuelled journey into the heart of Mexican cumbia served with generous side orders of ranchero, merengue, and psychedelic pop, tempered with analogue electronica.

In this unique venue in the underground world of Waterloo station, Wahaca are putting together a blistering nocturnal celebration of Modern Mexico. They will take you on an agave fuelled fiesta where the living come to celebrate the dead through music, performance, art and street food.

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