Preview: Paddy’s Day with A Taste of Band of Burns @ Balabam (London, 17th March 2018)


Once upon a time, there was an international folk music collaboration called Band of Burns. 12 individuals moved by musical vocation and literate devotion joined paths to celebrate the Scottish poet and charismatic lyricist Robert Burns.

Not only were words sung, and melodies arranged in honour of Burns’ memory, but music voiced the now-memories of timeless poetry. What the performances offered to all present attendants was the opportunity to untie the poems’ messages on resonating and joyful notes.

Hosts at Balabam offer a special occasion for you to foster some of the magic. Original band members Feilimi Devlin, Ewan McDonald, Lewis Murray and Adam Beattie will be joined by some of the international folk music family’s relatives, such as Dominie Hooper and Dila V, as well as John Langan and Alastair Caplin.

Here’s a wink to the euphonic experience we like on St. Patrick’s evening, when beer is a must, but music and poetry call for interplay.

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