Preview: Portico Quartet @ Barbican Centre (London; Saturday 2nd November 2019)

Portico Barbican

Contemporary jazz infused with electronica and minimalism grace the Barbican concert hall as Portico Quartet unveil their seventh album, Memory Streams.

Portico are a band that have gone from strength to strength over the last 10 years. Progressing alongside UK music, they have created delicate minimal jazz albums, such as Isla, as well as playing with a more interesting neo-classical style. Offering an excellent live show, the brilliant musicians of Portico Quartet make them a must see, especially at a concert hall such as the Barbican Centre.

The released tracks from the more recent albums suggest a hybrid of the two styles of Portico Quartet, blending repetitive sounds with slower build-up ambient sounds. In particular, ‘Signals in the Dusk’ could be taken straight from Isla. This can only be a good thing for the upcoming live show.

Made up of four musicians, the group’s famous use of the hang allows them to stand out from other current jazz groups. Their influences span ambience, jazz and electronica, having made albums for Ninja Tune and Real World Records alike. But more recently, releasing on Gondwana Records, the group has become much more aligned with the likes of Mammal Hands. However, the new sounds could find a good balance between the two styles

A chance to see one of the UK’s most celebrated and artful jazz groups, this mix of ambience and jazz creates an exhilarating style and hopefully a mesmerising performance.


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