Preview: Racubah meets Afro-Palace @ Stour Space (London, 10th December 2016)


If we should need to compile a playlist inspired by the concept of style, we will take no time to ask Racubah DJs to give us some suggestions. From Kenyan Rift Valley to Santiago de Cuba, with stopovers on the deck at the major UK festivals (Glastonbury, Womad, Shambala…) the Racubah Sound System has made millions of feet and legs dance since 1999.

If you’ve ever enjoyed one of their parties, you already know what we’re talking about. While, if you’ve never moved your body to their quality Afro, Latin and Tropical vintage vibes and refined selections, you can catch up on the lost time next Saturday. On the 10th of December, they will bring their ‘DJ-suitcase of dreams’ at Stour Space in East London, and we have no doubt that they will keep the party upbeat all night long.

If that wasn’t cool enough, Racubah will be supported by another top-notch bunch of vinyl fanatics called Afro-Palace. London-based, but inspired to their bones by Central and West-African grooves, Volta45, Chief Commander Yaaba and Oli Hurez are the right Racubah’s sparring-partners.

When it comes to dancing to some pure quality music, with Racubah and Afro-Palace you can’t go wrong.


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