Preview: Seeyousound Festival (Turin, Italy – 26th January to 4th February 2017)


“Sound that can be seen, not a soundtrack”. This is the signature of the third edition of Seeyousound International Music Film Festival, the first of its kind in Italy. A rather young festival, nevertheless it has been very successful in the past and this year it has doubled the scheduled days, presenting over 70 projections through more than a week.

The festival presents a wide variety of productions, from documentaries to biopics and video clips – the latter having their own competition section with 40 entries. There are two more competition sections dedicated to long feature and short films, with movies like The man from Mo’ Wax, a documentary about the legendary British record label, and We are X, about the iconic Japanese heavy-metal band X-Japan.

The program comprises a themed exposition that explores global sounds from Africa, the Middle East, Russia, South America (including the second instalment of ZZK Records new project titled The Nu LatAm Sound) and a cinematic overview focused on the best, most worthy productions of the year, including a biopic of Chet Baker, a documentary on the first band ever invited to play in North Korea, and a biography of Icelandic singer Björk.

Seeyousound will take place from Friday, January 27th until Saturday, February 4th, at the Cinema Massimo in Turin.

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