Preview: Sinkane @ Heaven (London, 6th September 2017)


Sinkane loves London and London loves him. That’s why, more often than not, the British capital has the pleasure of hosting his gigs/perfomances/DJ-sets.

It’ll happen again on the 6th of September, when the Sudanese-American musician will play at Heaven in Charing Cross, only a few months after his latest British appearance. But we have no doubt that his fans will pack the venue once again. Life & Livin’ It, Sinkane’s latest album, is still fresh in their memories and they know that every show by the London-born musician is a one-off experience.

Sinkane gigs are jam-like: he welcomes you in his electro- and afro-pop, funky world and after a few minutes, thanks to the support of his talented stage partners, he will transport you far beyond your musical expectations. But don’t worry, because as he sings in ‘U’huh’: “Kulu shi tamaam, we’re all going to be all right”.

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