Preview: SOAS Musician Series @ Balabam (London; Tuesday 16th April 2019)


Someone once said to me that, whenever they hear ‘SOAS’ in the same sentence as music, they always know to expect weird and funky tunes from around the globe. This is what we can expect from the SOAS Musician Series, which is curated to highlight the different musicians and diverse musical styles SOAS has to offer.

The first set of artists are Moa & Maya who run Flotsam Session, a world music jam night held at Club Makossa in Dalston. They always seem to surprise with the wide range of musical styles they practice, with Maya on the cello and Moa playing the kora, bansitar, guitar and whatever else she can get her hands on.

Following on from this are our very own Sophie and Charlie, who fuse folky soulful lyrics with blues, reggae, and ska rhythms. With great melodies, catchy lyrics, folk songs, and Caribbean-influenced rhythms you can’t help but bob to, this is going to be a night filled with music which takes you all around the globe. Come prepared to be surprised!

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