Preview: Soom T + David X + Ennè, LIAF @ Rich Mix (London, 4th November 2016)


Every autumn since 2012, the London International Arts Festival (LIAF) does its best to offer audiences a different perspective of the contemporary London cultural scene. And every autumn since 2012 it succeeds.


Since we like to support our claims with facts, just have a look at the Festival calendar, paying special attention to the event happening on the 4th of November at Rich Mix… Do you need any further proof?

On the eve of Guy Fawkes’s night, Dhruv Arts and Jyotsna Srikanth have organised the perfect incendiary show, during which artists like Soom T, David X and Ennè will sonically, blow the roof off Rich Mix.

The night will start with the inventor of the so-called opera reggae, Ennè and her ukulele will give life to an inspired and smooth blend of reggae and soul. Then, it will be the turn of the French beatboxing heavyweight champion David X, who will share the stage with South Indian composer, violinist and “lady of the house” Jyotsna Srikanth. The artists will duet on Bangalore Dream to deliver a unique performance.

While Soom T will close the second night of the Festival in style. The eclectic Scottish based, Indian influenced MC will unleash her full, unique repertoire (with influences ranging from classical Indian to hip-hop) along with her trademark, unpredictable artistry upon the East London crowd.

After a red-hot night like this, you won’t need to attend to any other Bonfire show.

In collaboration with Rich Mix


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