Preview: Steve Pretty On the Origins of the Pieces @ Wilton’s Music Hall (London, Tuesday 16th July 2019)

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You might know Steve Pretty for “bandleading” the larger-than-life brass troupe Hackney Colliery Band and for his upcoming listening party at the Amersham Arms, where he will introduce you to HCB’s new album Collaboration Vol.1.

However, the London trumpet player, composer, orchestra director and producer is also a budding music Darwinian. Which means that, throughout his new show titled On the Origins of the Pieces, going on stage at the beautiful Wilton’s Music Hall on Tuesday 16th July, he will lightheartedly lead you through an “evolutionary musicology” journey.

Accompanied by his trumpet, profusion of samples and electronic trickeries, and supported by the comedian, actor and satirist Marcus Brigstocke, Steve will retrace the history of popular music and unearth links and connections between genres, styles and musicians, from medieval bards to Led Zeppelin, and even from prehistoric flutes to Gabba heavy bass sounds.

It will be one of the most engaging and revealing lectures that you have experienced, not only because it will be “in notes”, but also because, from Wednesday morning on, you’ll think about evolution in a completely different and musical way.

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