Preview: The Kondi Band @ The Forge (London, 23rd April 2016)

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The Kondi Band is the result of the coming together of Sierra Leonian blind kondi (thumb piano) player and singer Sorie Kondi and Rio-based electronic producer Chief Boima, himself part Sierra Leonian.

When Chief Boima stumbled upon Sorie’s ‘Without Money No Family’ video, he made a remix of it, which later became part of his African in New York EP released in 2012. The result was a balanced and captivating mix of traditional and modern, Africa and America.

Four years later the two are coming to London for their debut live performance as The Kondi Band, organized by Afri-Kokoa. The gig will take place on 23rd April 2016 at the architectural award-winning venue of The Forge in the hearth of Camden Town. 

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Review: Kondi Band @ The Forge (London, 23rd April 2016)

It is no surprise that Sorie Kondi chose to name himself after the instrument he plays: the African thumb piano, kondi. He is at one with it and when he plays, he owns the stage. It is also no surprise that after hearing ‘Without Money No Family’, Brasil-based DJ Chief…

Artists: Chief Boima , Sorie Kondi , The Kondi Band

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