Preview: The Pioneers @ The Jazz Cafe (London; Sunday 15th September 2019)

Pioneers jazzcafe

As with every universal music style worthy of its name, ska and reggae also have dozens of acts claiming to be their pioneers. But not many of them can rightfully do it like the one and only Pioneers.

The Jamaican band, originally formed in 1962 by brothers Sydney and Derrick Crooks and Winston Hewitt, is indeed one of the first ensembles bringing forward the ‘up-tempo word’ and spreading it all over the world. Thanks to timeless songs like “Long Shot Kick the Bucket”, “Pan Ya Machete”, “Jackpot”, and “Tim Hard”, which all became classics on these shores of the Atlantic too, they have kept their popularity intact and still perform today in the same formation in which they were performing in the late 1960s and 70s.

To catch them live today is inevitably an upbeat trip down memory lane, the same you will go through on 15th September when they will pay a visit to Camden’s Jazz Cafe and bring some original “Reggae in London City”.

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