Preview: The Psychedelic World of Barış Manço @ The Jazz Cafe (London; Thursday 31st January 2019)


Twenty years after the death of renowned, legendary, unprecedented Barış Manço, Turkish musician Djanan Turan, now based in London, is curating a bespoke evening in celebration of Turkey’s most successful musician ever – and by extension, composer, actor, presenter… and much more.

Founder of Anatolian rock, Barış Manço’s original music can be imagined as though Floyd slipped into disco and funk ever so occasionally. So, think distorted gritty guitar solos with funky drops into grooving bass lines, all with a Middle Eastern tonality and percussion. Innovating in rock and pop, Barış Manço also paved the way for generations of progressive psychedelic Turkish music.

With an incredible 40 years of music under his belt, it’s fitting to hold the event in the fine venue that is London’s Jazz Cafe – which has played host to many ‘ode-to’ collaborations. The 31st promises to be a night of epic, bold music.

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