Preview: The Radial Band @ St. Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace (London, 27th February 2016)


Let’s chase all doubts away, you won’t find many features about Rhythm Passport contributors’ music projects in our magazine: we don’t usually like to play favourites. But when we do, it’s because those projects entirely deserve to be discovered and enjoyed.

That’s why we are recommending the forthcoming The Radial Band gig at St. Ethelburga’s on Saturday. When our very own Griselda Sanderson with the support of Michalis KouloumisLouis Bingham and Jim Palmer will introduce you to an ‘earthy and ethereal ambience’ recalling distant but consonant music traditions like the Scandinavian, Cyprus and West African ones.

You will be arguably initiate to the archaic chromatic vividness of the nychelharpa played by Griselda and inspired by the virtuosity of Michalis and his violin. But also surprised by the flatpicking technique of Louis’ arpeggios and African references of Jim’s percussive skills.

It will be an unusual music experience able to open your ears to new sounds, vibes, music horizons and cultural interactions.

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