Preview: The Sounds of 2020, Ife Ogunjobi / Golden Mean / Burnheart @ The Jazz Cafe (London; Saturday 11th January 2020)

sounds of 2020 jazzcafe

Fancy a three-hour sneak peek into the new year’s (and possibly decade) vibes? Then head for the Jazz Cafe on Friday the 11th, where Jazz:re:freshed will present three exciting and forward-looking acts foreseeing how 2020 will sound.

Ife Ogunjobi, Golden Mean and Burnheart are three so far, so close embodiments of the thriving London contemporary jazz scene. The musicians gather together and reshape in their very own way the many influences the city offers, from afrobeat and hip-hop (Ife Ogunjobi) to experimental music (Golden Mean formed by Tom Driessler of Yussef Kamaal and Luke Wynter of Nubiyan Twist) and techno (Burnheart).

So, get ready for a leap into the music near future, gazing at the Jazz:re:freshed musical crystal ball.

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