Preview: The Sun Ra Arkestra feat. Marshall Allen @ Union Chapel (London; Friday 24th May 2019)


Bringing a band together from inter-planetary origins, Union Chapel will host The Sun Ra Arkestra under the direction of Marshall Allen on 24th May.

For all those who are unfamiliar, even the term ‘world music’ would fail to describe the cosmic narrative that flows through their performance. The theatrical style they are so renowned for gives way to a supernova of jazz experimentation that remains well rooted in the early swing and blues style.

For all that are already acquainted with Sun Ra Arkestra, you’ll know that, although Sun Ra’s vibrant personality ‘left the planet’ in 1993, they still perform under the mystical direction of Marshall Allen, who is turning 95 this year. Since its origin in the 50s, Sun Ra and his Arkestra have evolved musically through the periods of swing, free jazz, fusion and new age. The performance on the 24th is one that will take you through this prolific journey in the uniquely atmospheric setting of Union Chapel.

Ticket on sale HERE!

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