Preview: Tim Hecker with the Konoyo Ensemble + Kara-Lis Coverdale @ Barbican Centre (London; Saturday 6th October 2018)

Tim Hecker

For his latest album Konoyo, due for release on 28th September on American independent label Kranky, sound artist Tim Hecker has collaborated with members of the Tokyo Gakuso ensemble, a group of gagaku musicians founded in 1978. Gagaku, i.e. the traditional classical music of Japan performed for centuries at the Imperial Court, follows an indigenous pentatonic scale called yo and employs wind, string and percussion instruments native of East Asia and Japan.

Together, the two have explored the space between noise and melody, dissonance and harmony, and created music that recalls both the old tradition of Japan and the American electronic minimalism, and that is what they are going to bring to the stage at the Barbican.

Hecker’s collaborator Kara-Lis Coverdale will open the evening with a performance that also blurs the lines between traditional composition and experimental electronic modernism.

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