Preview: Vinicio Capossela @ O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire (London, 30th October 2017)


The affinity of Vinicio Capossela’s authorship with unique storytelling through folk music goes without saying. Recalling Italian musica popolare, his songwriting combines original sonnets, ballads, and rhetorical tales with playful shows.

The 30th of October will see Capossela celebrate a career spanning 25 years with the double album Canzoni della Cupa. This collection of compositions narrates the everyday realisations of both peasants and castellans of the Alta Irpinia region in Southern Italy – where Capossela spent the last 30 years. It is a folk recital work voicing the demons’ shadows hiding along the ‘cupa’, the district in Irpinia where the sun hardly shines.

Accompanied by his traditional set of folk instruments along with ethnic and bluesy jumbles, Capossela offers an unmissable opportunity to celebrate Italian folk music’s delightful roots for those who love it already, and those who are about to.

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