Preview: Vula Viel + Peter Zummo @ Café OTO (London, Thursday 24th January 2019)


To be fair, Vula Viel are a blessing for a music scene like the London one, obsessed with coolness and what being cool implies. They simply play what they like, how they like it. Paraphrasing the title of their upcoming album, they’re not afraid, they can afford to be natural. Since 2011, the trio, led by Bex Burch, keeps on spreading the Northern Ghana rhythmical verb, and the more the project grows, the more it sounds dancier and captivating.

The musicians keep on exploring the links between jazz and West African music without losing the refinements inherent to their musicianship, and what’s more, they keep on experimenting with sound and sounds.

So they were almost destined to collaborate with a musician of the stature of Peter Zummo, who is one of the eminences in experimental music (without overlooking jazz, minimalism and world music at large), next to an enticing trombonist.

The intriguing collaboration will go on scene at Hackney’s Café OTO on Thursday 24th January. We don’t know if it’s going to be a one-off or part of a broader project in progress, but we are pretty sure that it’s going to be a unique music experience.

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