Preview: Vula Viel @ Rich Mix (London, 2nd December 2016)


You don’t need to be a Dagaare tradition expert to enjoy the characteristic sound of the gyil. Actually, all you have to do is to head for Rich Mix on the 2nd of December and have plenty of the Central African wooden xylophone vibe. You simply can’t get enough of it, because the way Vula Viel presents it easily appeals to every ear.

The London-based band has its own personal approach to traditional Ghanaian music, built on the experience of Bex Burch, who spent three years living side by side with the Dagaaba people.

Vula Viel have developed a “Londonised” rendition of the Central African sound and throughout their show will let you travel to Upper-West Ghana using as a guide-book their musicianship, jazz and urban arrangements and electro-dance approach.

Bewa… let them come, dance and have fun!

In collaboration with Rich Mix


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